Fancy Parasols

$95.00 - $120.00

Ice dyed and adorned with feathers, beads or fringe. Super fun. The rainbow one (option 1) with feathers is affectionately known as Psychedelic Clown Car and features a rainbow of feathers around it's circumference. The others have a single color feather, fringe or beaded addition to their ice dyed glory. These are so fun, feel good, and create sweet attention. Plus great shade. The beads do add a bit of weight (and are costly), but it's a nice amount that feels good to carry. Plus if you like to set it up on your blanket and sit into it's shade the beads help keep it from flying so easily. I do custom orders on any of my stock. Design fee starts at $10 and usually isn't more than that unless it's a whole lotta love. regular love is easy.